" I want to know what you offer in terms of baby photography?"



My name is Sarah-Louise and I actually prefer to chat with you on the telephone to gauge what you are looking for and make recommendations but I do recognise that this is not always possible so I will try and go through everything here.

Maternity PhotographyMaternity PhotographyMaternity Photography BUMP PHOTOGRAPHY

If you are  pregnant then you have the option of Maternity - or Bump Photography as it is affectionately known. We recommend that you come in just before 7-8 months - in other words whilst the bump is very evident but you are still fairly mobile . There are a huge variety of photographs available and if you opt for this.  If this is of interest then please CLICK HERE


When Baby comes along then we have new born photography. At this stage baby is mainly either sleeping or feeding  and the photographs centre about how beautiful he or she is particularly when he or she is asleep. We can offer 2 types of shoot here - either a more arty shoot with baby posed in various cute positions -  or the more straight forward shoot which introduces baby to the world as a new member of your family. For details of either CLICK HERE


We offer a package which combines Bump and new born  - under the imginative title of " Bump and Baby" and for more information then please CLICK HERE

Baby  -New BornBaby -New BornBaby -New Born WATCH ME GROW

The most popular package product is "Watch Me Grow" and it consists of 3 photo sittings over the course of a year to record your baby's dramatic growth over the first year

The first sitting - at about 3-4 months is when baby is smiling and holding his or her head up and looking round. His/her personality is starting to come through 

The second at 8 months - baby is now confidentally sitting up and communicating with all around him or her. He or she may ot may not be crawling but they will certainly be very inquisitive and the various facial expressions will be a joy to record. 

The final session at 12-14 months and the helpless babe that you brought home from hospital just a brief time ago is now a "mini-me" - hopefully walking and assertively making his or her presence felt. Toddlerhood is just around the corner and though words may syill be hrd to come by he/she has no trouble at all in wrapping mum and dad round his little fingerand getting his/her own way.

For Details of " Watch Me Grow "  please CLICK HERE 


As a studio we are  recommended for Cherubs " Watch Me Grow " and  Emma's Diary but it is so much more than that 

I pride myself in knowing lots about babies. Before photography my background was in childcare, being able to combine the two so that I can take beautiful photographs and also have cuddles with babies is perfect for me. I am often told that my passion and enthusiasm towards baby photography is evident and instantly relaxes parents as well as babies. You can expect me to communicate with you before your shoot as much or as little as you would like and during the shoot you can feel confident knowing that your baby is in safe hands. It is important to me that your family enjoys your photo-shoot and that I capture photographs that you can cherish forever.