as many of you may know..

..Sarah is on maternity leave following the arrival of Florence in the world in January. As you may expect little Flo has been photographed many times to the point that even at 4 months old she has learned which is her best side and how to smile for the camera. Yesterday was her Uncle's birthday (my youngest son) and he was given a framed pic of...
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Images on a Stick..

As a studio, we are happy to provide images on a usb stick and customers can go wherever they would like to get them printed. We do have concerns however as there is a huge difference in the quality of the prints that you will receive depending upon which printers you use and a lot of people dont seem to realise this. Only this week a customer, w...
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Mothers Day 2017

Well Mothers Day is almost upon us and we really do have a hum-dinger of an offer. We have pulled all the stops out this time in that not only are we offering a very competitive price but there is no compromise when it comes to quality. The frame is beautiful hand finished and looks stunning. Combine this with Chris Clarke's known specilisation i...
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