The First Day of Spring..

March 21, 2016

portishead in bloomportishead in bloom


Spring is with us at last and its a time of excitement and potential . The days are going to get longer,  the temperature will hopefully warm up a little and everything feels more positive and a little cheerier.

Its a time of new things,  when nature regenerates and when the birds will fly back into the country and take over our woods and hedgerows to breed and have their young. Its about now that you will hear people declare that they have seen their first swallow of the spring and I must confess that on my walk through the nature reserve today, I had my eyes peeled - sadly without success.

Another of the first auguries of Spring is the re-emergence of the good folk from Portishead in Bloom who are going round the local businesses as we speak to take orders for their tubs and flower displays. This fantastic array of colours that we all enjoy through the summer months is the result of much hard work by the team and as the Town grows , they seem to expand their activities year in year. I will try and post photographs from their work as the season develops 

At Portishead Photography we are also awaking from our winter indoor programme to announce a whole new array of location opportunities for families with . If you would like to be kept abreast of our offerings then please click on our facebook page and like it or alternatively click here to subscribe to our newsletter.