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My name is Chris and i work with my daughter Sarah and together we are Portishead Photography.

We like to think of ourselves as a friendly bunch and our aim quite simply is to offer you such a good experience that you will go away afterwards bursting to recommend us to your friends and family. christinekeeler eat your heart outchristinekeeler eat your heart outChris

This means booking you in efficiently , providing  pro active advice before the sitting , helping you relax and have fun on the day, create some great photographs and then later chill out while you view the images and decide how you want them to look in your home. Our product range is summarised as quality end at competitive and transparent pricing. 

All of that is a very big and bold promise to make and lets be honest we are not big enough to do it on our own so we have got help.

DSC_5745DSC_5745 We are members of the Xperience Group - a support organisation for the top independent photographers which helps in so many ways. Continuous development of photography skills, exclusive products, promotions and national competitions that can earn you some brilliant prizes.

So all in all you have the benefits and commitment of a local independent family owned business with the back up and training of a bigger organisation.

Want to know more about us then please read on:




Chris by Chris.

I have been a keen amateur photographer for over 30 years - starting initially with wildlife - when i was out virtually every evening with a camera in hand. 10 years ago I had the opportunity to take a complete career change and for 2 years studied photography full time with 2 of the best professional photographers around at the time . At the end of that period I opened a studio and here we are today.

I love photographing people and have met some great people including some of my sporting heroes.

I retain my love of capturing wildlife and dog photography seems to combine the 2 as it involves photographing a dog portrait style and then whilst he or she is in his/her element in the great outdoors.


Sarah by Sarah

I studied early childhood studies at university and got a good degree but it was whilst helping my father out a few years ago that i got hooked on baby photography. I have been taking photographs of babies for about 4 years now and have been fortunate to be taught by some of the top baby specialist in the UK. There is no job like it.

Ps, My own baby Florence entered the world in January 2018 so I am taking a break for a few months.