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Images on a Stick..

March 29, 2017

As a studio , we are happy to provide images on a usb stick and customers can go wherever they would like to get them printed.

We do have concerns however as there is a huge difference in the quality of the prints that you will receive depending upon which printers you use and a lot of people dont seem to realise this.

Only this week a customer, who had previousy said " no" to a piece of wall art came back as she couldnt find anything anywhere near the quality of what we were offering.

It is not just about the quality of the paper – which does vary dramatically – but also the fact that colours can vary a lot. We literally spend thousands of pounds a year in ensuring that the colours are true from the camera through to the print process whereas a lot of the instant print / cheap online facilities aim at bulk printing with an average approximation of accuracy being good enough. You will probably have witnessed this if you have used them.

With small prints we are happy to provide the names and addresses of local specialist print labs who we know will provide good quality at very reasonable prices.

For larger wall art over say 16 inches however then we would still prefer to provide the artwork simply because we can ensure that everything is good quality. We chose our suppliers carefully and use their colour profiles to ensure accuracy. We know the materials that they use and obtain a guarantee that is not available on the budget ranges.

So the decision is of course yours but please do take heed .