Portishead Photography | Fine-Art-Baby-Photography

Our newborn baby is the most precious thing to us in the world.  We cannot possibly comprehend how fast they grow and how quickly they change.  In just a week, your suckling curled up little frog is grabbing and searching in ways that we can all take for granted.  We can all blink and miss just how tiny they were.

Our Newborn photography, run nationally as Cherubs and in conjunction with the Master of Photographers Association is a special way to capture some beautiful brand new baby images.  Moments you will never get back again.

For a one off fee of £39 you will get around 2-4 hours in the studio.  These images can only be captured within the first 2 weeks of baby’s arrival.  This is when baby is still happy to be cocooned and will naturally curl up into the comforting foetal position.  They remain asleep while we pose and photograph.

You also get one 6 inch by 9 inch print from the session presented in a mount.

After your shoot we will invite you back to the studio to view your images.  You will be moved by the simple beauty of your baby.  At this stage you can order photos for yourself or your family.  These are at our normal prices but you are under no obligation to buy any.

It really is that simple and we can’t express enough how special these images will be to you in the future.

To find out more or to book your baby’s first photo shoot call us on 01275 848 817 or text ‘Newborn’ to 07525 755349