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Booking a newborn photo shoot

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly babies grow and develop. The newborn stage is so brief - blink and you miss it.

new born twinsnew born twinsnew born twins Where possible I suggest that newborn photography is taken in the first 14 days after birth as he or she will still be super sleepy and comfortable to curl up in the foetal position.  We warm the studio right up and your baby will be happy and contented which results in the beautiful arty photographs that so many people love - newborn photography runs more smoothly whilst your baby is still super sleepy and enjoys to be curled up from being in the womb.

Each extra week will see your baby get used to this new found freedom and arms and legs will flail out and stretch as he or she builds up muscle strength and it is not quite so easy to lull them into the deeper sleep which we need.

With this in mind it can be sensible to plan ahead and once you have an indication of "due date", contact me  so that we can pencil in a shoot for roughly 7 to 10 days after your due date. Your baby will arrive in their own time so this date is flexible and can be wiggled, but by booking in advance I guarantee that I will photograph your baby within the ideal time frame.

Having said that, I am aware that it is not always possible to visit the studio within the first 2 weeks, some babies need additional TLC in the hospital whilst others have so many visitors in the first 2 weeks that the time passes in a blur. If you are interested in newborn photography and your baby is under 6 weeks old please do get in touch as I am still able to take a variety of newborn photographs.

sleeping babysleeping babysleeping baby What to expect from a newborn photo shoot

Every newborn shoot is allocated 4 hours of studio time. It is important  that your baby is relaxed and comfortable at all times. Every baby is different, whilst one baby might arrive super sleepy and ready for photographs another  baby might need more settling. It is not unusual for us to be nearing the end of the first hour before a single photograph has been taken.

The shoot itself is usually in 20 minute bursts. Between each 20 minute burst I will relax and soothe your baby until they are sleeping happily. There is plenty of time for feeds, winding and nappy changing and the shoot will be led by your baby. There is no rushing newborn photography and neither is there any need to when the studio is available for four hours.


baby with bearbaby with bearbaby with bear Planning and preparing for the shoot

Some parents are looking for a variety of adorable photographs whilst others have specific photographs in mind. By booking the photo shoot weeks or months in advance we can discuss your needs to help you to make the most of your studio time. It doesn't surprise me that most new mums are feeling less glamorous and often need encouragement to have photographs taken. Whilst I understand completely I also encourage parents to seize the opportunity, after all one of the perks of having your photographs taken professionally is that you have somebody looking out for you and someone to ensure that you look your best and feel your best too. 

Viewing the photographs

7 days after your photoshoot your photographs will be ready for viewing in our purpose built viewing room.

This is a lovely experience and I try to present you with between 30 and 40 beautiful images  on a slide show of your photographs on a large projector screen and we can discuss your photographs in depth. The viewing is allocated 1 hour which allows ample time for you to compare and contrast your photographs and your viewing will be with me so if there are any questions you have or if you would like any advise about what product to buy I am more than happy to help.

What to expect from me- Sarah-Louise

I pride myself in knowing lots about babies. Before photography my background was in childcare, being able to combine the two so that I can take beautiful photographs and also have cuddles with babies is perfect for me. I am often told that my passion and enthusiasm towards baby photograpy is evident and instantly relaxes parents as well as babies. You can expect me to communicate with you before your shoot as much or as little as you would like and during the shoot you can feel confident knowing that your baby is in safe hands. It is important to me that your family enjoys your photoshoot and that I capture photographs that you can cherish forever. 

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Newborn photo sessions are £29. The £29 is payable upon making the booking and secures your 4 hour photo sitting. Our price list caters for everyone, whether you are looking for a large photograph for your wall and some smaller prints for grandparents or whether you are looking for a selection of digital images. There are multiple combinations available and if you would like to know more or book a session then please CLICK HERE