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Portishead Photography- open air wedding photographPortishead Photography- open air wedding photograph


There is no such thing as a typical Wedding. It is a very personal and intimate commitment of love between two people whilst at the same time being an occasion which brings together family and friends in a way that may not be repeated. Each wedding draws together diverse characters and high emotions in a mix which results in a unique celebration .

1st Dance1st Dance1st Dance Most couples will tell you that when the big day comes , everything happens so fast . When it is your turn it is inevitable that much happens which escape your notice.

As an experienced wedding  photographer I have an eye open all the time to capture those special moments , to tell the story of the day, the spontaneity, the romance, the drama and the detail that makes the wedding yours . We also have the presence necessary to arrange and capture the family group shots swiftly and with humour.

We will provide a high quality record which will serve you for many years to come and enable you to enjoy the day time and time again .

Having said that , we do not accept any booking if we do not feel that we are right for the couple and can achieve everything that they are looking for in their " big day". We are fortunate in that our family studio is fairly busy and we do not need to photograph weddings- we choose to do so because it is such an enjoyable experience and we love the ones that we do. 

If you would like to know more and meet with us then please contact us here .